Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just to keep you updated on how Obamacare affects those of us in flyover country

Posted by Floyd Bayne
obama-care-side-effects-1aI just got a letter in the mail today from the school system I work for. This letter explains how I MUST obtain some form of health care coverage in the coming days or I will have to "pay a penalty in the form of a tax." Now if any liberals reading this think that I'm just another right-wing troglodyte making up stuff to make your messiah look bad just let me know. I will be happy to scan the letter and post it so you can see for yourself that I am not making this up.
I know that most of my friends/supporters understand just how evil and unconstitutional this new law is, but the liberals out there just refuse to open their eyes to that aspect of it. They just like to "feel good" thinking that now everyone will have health care coverage, thanks to their messiah. Yeah, in a pig's eye. But let me address any liberals reading this. I would ask you a question about the legality, the constitutionality of this law. Since you seem to think that it is just fine for our federal government to FORCE us to buy something we may not want, through threat of force or extortion, you obviously do not understand our Constitution and form of government.
But, let's use your logic (such as it is) and apply it to a similar situation and see how you feel about it. Let us suppose that the president of the United States, his minions in Congress, and the activists on the Supreme Court, decided that every adult citizen in the United States MUST....I said MUST, purchase either a handgun, a shotgun, or an AR-15 for home protection. I mean, if we MUST force everyone to buy health care coverage, for their own good, then surely the protection of your home and the lives of your family are a worthy cause....right? Now then, you must make this purchase and assure your local government bureaucrat that you have done so, by providing the proper paperwork, by a certain date. If you fail to make this purchase then you will be punished with a fine (tax), which will increase exponentially for each passing month that you fail to purchase said firearm. Your desire to own a gun and ability to pay for it are irrelevant. The Constitution is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that your government has determined that you must own a gun and that you will be punished if you do not.
Are you OK with this new law? Will you go out and buy a firearm for your family's protection? After all, it is now the law of the land and you must obey, right? Just shut up and do it, because your government said to. Explain to me how the scenario I just described is any different than Obamacare and its effects on us.