Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Barack Obama a hero of the Revolution or a Crony Capitalist Sellout?

Is Barack Obama a hero of the Revolution against the Crony Capitalism practiced by Wall Street or is he one of their errand boys?

Does he and government serve the people and the True Free Market or serve Crony Capitalism?

Most in the Occupy Wall Street believes he is a hero for the Movement.

Many on the false Left-Right Paradigm believe he is owned by Wall Street, like Leftist Matt Damon and rightist Charlie Gasparino.

First we must Remember, that before Obama was President, he voted for the Bailouts of Wall Street to protect "To Big to Fail Companies". Wall Street overwhelmingly financially supported Obama's election bid.

Seems that Wall Street tends to be fans of big government when it publicly bails out their loses (with all of our tax dollars), but pays politicians on the left and right to look the other way when they privately make profits in immoral (and possibly illegal means).

Read this section of an article quoting progressive actor 'Matt Damon' from the 'Business Insider' below:

A number of Hollywood elite have turned their backs on Obama after supporting him before he was elected in 2008, but Matt Damon is the first to cite Obama's dealings with Wall Street as the main reason.

"I think he's rolled over to Wall Street completely," Damon told the Independent.

"The economy has huge problems. We still have all these banks that are too big to fail. They're bigger and making more money than ever."

Read more:

The Nation Magazine Online in an article mentioned that Obama appointed former Wall Street financial executive William Daily as His White House Chief of Staff. Daily was the Midwest Chair of JPMorgan Chase, a board member of Merck and former head of SBC.

The Nation states:

The problem with Daley? As The Nation's Ari Berman writes, "He shares the corporate centrism of Emanuel and, when it comes to economic issues, may be worse." In another move sure to please Wall Street, Obama plans today to name former Goldman Sachs consultant Gene Sperling to lead the White House National Economic Council, the post recently vacated by Lawrence Summers. Berman joined Democracy Now! this morning to explain what these appointments mean for Obama's presidency and the future of our economy.

Also, the Lakeland Times has a story posted that lists many actions taken by the Obama White House very favorable to Wall Street here:

Some typically on the right, like Charlie Gasparino think Obama and Wall Street are conjoined as well. Here in the Huffington Post he states:

"Conventional wisdom has it that Wall Street is the ultimate bastion of free-market capitalism and that the big bankers are, of course, diehard Republicans, red to the core. But the truth is far from that: Many of the leaders of the world's financial firms are as liberal as they come. As attorney and political strategist Jack Burkman explains, "People tend to associate Republicans with Wall Street, but the truth is, it's the Democrats that are in bed with the Street. And that's certainly true with Obama. He's been in bed [with them] from the beginning. And that was crucial to his victory. Without Wall Street's initial support he doesn't have credibility ... No doubt about it. Without Wall Street, Obama would not be in power today.""

Here is his article in the Huff Post, with pictures of some of the biggest Wall Street Magnets who are liberal and support Obama, and supported his bid for the President and are the ones who wrecked the economy, and loved him for it:
Gasparino also wrote a telling book on the subject called 'Bought and Paid For: 'The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street'So, rather you are on the left or right, if you still think Obama is a hero against Wall Street and not owned by Wall Street then you are blind.
Viva La Revolution! The Revolution is Rising!